The Family of Geniuses – A Story by Moyurie Som

“I am not letting you feed my son this horrible pill!” Claire exclaimed, her eyes damp and limb trembling. ‘I can’t let my son fail every exam. It is a disgrace to a scientist like me,’ David replied politely. ‘So you will feed him this that you say will increase his IQ! What if it fails and, and…case side effects? Will you take responsibility?’ ‘I have created this compound with every precaution. Nothing bad will happen. Trust me.’ Claire flopped down on a couch and started sobbing. ‘Don’t you love Sky just the way he is?’, she asked. David sighed. ‘See, I love him but I cannot bear the fact that the son of a scientist can be so poor in studies, I have to do it. I cannot let this toil go to waste,‘ David replied sitting beside his wife. ‘Fine, then do it. But please, don’t harm Sky,’ Claire said. ‘I won’t’ came the reply.

David took Sky’s dinner and put a drop of the potion in it. He put the bottle back in his lab and chanting a silent prayer, approached his son’s room. When he opened the door of Sky’s room, he saw Sky engrossed in marbles. ‘Eat it up, boy. I want it complete,’ David ordered Sky. Inside he was unnerved.

Next morning David hurried to Sky’s room, excited and tense, his heart beating fast. He slammed the door open, rushed inside and saw Sky doing is homework. ‘Sky, do this sum for me, will you?’, David asked Sky handing him a chit of paper on which was scribbled a fairly tough algebra problem. He observed Sky minutely, trying to catch every detailed change in him after his dose of IP Syrup. Sky pondered over the sum for a while and suddenly like a lighting bolt, Sky started solving it – fast, neat and above all CORRECT. David’s heart leapt up in joy to see Sky finally being able to solve problems on his own.

From thereon, Sky’s behaviour had changed. He was no longer the innocent boy of 11. Although he became smarter and more intelligent, he also became impertinent and over smart at times. Although David and Claire were happy to see their son so smart, they felt that tinge of repentance – because Sky remained innocent no more. He no longer behaved sweetly and obediently. He studied and worked like a robot, mechanically. Every night, to Sky’s unawareness, he was fed the IQ Syrup as a result of which his IQ reached to such heights that he could as well manufacture calculators and designed machines.

‘Sky has become a prodigy, unnaturally genius for his age. You need to stop now, I can’t see Sky like this any more. Please.’ Claire begged of David one day. ‘Claire, I have already reduced his dosage. Besides his brain has become so dependent on it, that his IQ will immediately fall to its original value if stop’. ‘Are you sure? Can’t you try making, uh…something like an antidote to abate the effect?’, Claire asked. ‘Claire, please. I am too exhausted to start inventing again,’ David said sipping his tea. Claire sighed. ‘But tell me something David. I have known you for twelve years. I know that you are never confident whether your inventions will work or not. But,’ she paused…’But, why were you so confident this time? That also when it was for your own son?’ Claire asked David with curiosity and suspicion blend in her brown eyes. ‘Claire, you have known me for twelve years. But you never know how I turned from a dork to a brilliant scientist when I was younger.’ He paused and took a deep breath.

‘It was because I took the same pill that my father had made for me. He was a chemist and so he made it for me. You don’t know but every night I too have a bit of the syrup. That’s what keeps my brain going.’

The newspapers of next month were filled with news about Mrs. David MeFrost, introduced to you, earlier as Claire. A homemaker had started inventing new chemical compounds.

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