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Listen Mahishasura Mardini online from Live Mahalaya and chandipath by Birendra Krishna Bhadra. Wake up at 4 AM on Mahalaya day(23.09.14) and listen Mahishasurmardini.

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Creation of Devi Durga – The gods gifted the goddess Durga with their weapons and other divine objects to help her in her battle with the demon, Mahishasura. In the process, Shiva gave away a trident to her while Vishnu gave her a discus similar to the one he possesses. Varun or the Rain God gave her a conch shell, the Fire God gave her power, the Wind God presented her with bow and arrows, Indra offered his thunderbolt and the bell taken off from the mighty Airawat elephant. Yamraj rendered kaldand, Varun gave a Pash (noose), Prajapati gifted her Sphatik (snow rock crystal) necklace and Bramha handed out a kamandalu (oblong water pot made of a dry gourd (pumpkin) or coconut shell, metal, wood of the Kamandalataru tree, or from clay, usually with a handle and sometimes with a spout.) The Sun God filled the pores of her skin with his life-giving rays and Kaal (time) gifted her shining sword and armour. The Ocean of Milk gifted her beautiful necklace of pearls, lovely finger rings, bangles, earrings, hair accessories and clothes that would remain resplendent.

Vishwakarma gave a Farsa, various other weapons and a garland made of forever fresh Lotus flowers. Jaldhi presented her with a beautiful Lotus flower. The King of mountains – Himalaya – gave her a Lion which became her vehicle, and also bestowed on her a number of rare gemstones. Kuber – the God of Wealth – offered the Great Goddess – a pot full of honey. And last but not the least, the Serpent King – Sheshnaag – gifted her naaghaar (serpent necklace) studded with precious gemstones. Such are the endowments of Durga.
The Creation of Devi Durga

The Battlefield – As Mahishasura’s armies were struck down effortlessly by Durga, it became obvious to him that he was not as secure in heaven as he had thought. No demon could fight her and win. Her breath would replenish her armies – bringing back to life all of her soldiers who fell. The demons were in chaos and were easily defeated and captured. Mahishasura was shocked and enraged by the disastrous events on the battlefield. He took on the form of a demonic buffalo, and charged at the divine soldiers of Durga, goring and killing many and lashing out with his whip-like tail. Durga’s lion pounced on the demon-buffalo and engaged him in a battle. While he was thus engaged, Durga threw her noose around his neck.

Mahishasura then assumed the form of a lion and when Durga beheaded the lion, Mahishasura escaped in the form of a man who was immediately face to face with a volley of arrows from Durga. The demon escaped yet again and then having assumed the form of a huge elephant, battered Durga’s lion with a tusk. With her sword Durga hacked the tusk into pieces.
Goddess durga slaying the demon

The Victory - The demon reverted once more to the form of the wild buffalo. He hid himself in the mountains from where he hurled boulders at Durga with his horns. Durga drank the divine nectar, the gift of Kuber. She then pounced on Mahishasura, pushing him to the ground with her left leg. She grasped his head in one hand, pierced him with her sharp trident held in another, and with yet another of her ten hands she wielded her bright sword, beheading him. At last he fell dead, and the scattered surviving remnants of his once invincible army fled in terror.

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