I feel so pure, I feel so divine today – Poem by Anirban Saha

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I feel so pure, I feel so divine today (Saptami Special Poem)

This morning is feeling so pure, so divine.
The Almighty – controller of illusions is repeating my story,
I fear repeating my mistakes of mine.

They dance to His tunes, asking me to give in to it..
I fear, I fear I fear losing it all. I fear touching the forbidden line.
Such happiness comes along, do I stand fit?

My life is magic, I seem to be one of God’s favourite children.
Lets not try play tricks, Lets face the truth,
lest all, the warmth, the magic.. the illusion washes down the drain..

The World today feels so divine,
the soul inside feeling at peace.
With the nature around, creating newer illusions,
it is such at ease..

Feelings.. spelling magic.
Flushing all that went tragic.
The Magician lifts his wand up – Colours!

The colours fill the void in the sky, not a space now left.
The sun rises, the birds chirping their way into the day,
The colours around, the colours fly, the sadness just got theft.

I feel so pure, I feel so divine today.

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