Rabri – How to make Rabri at home by Debashri Ghosh


  • Full cream milk….. 1ltr
  • Sugar…… 5 tbspn or to taste
  • Fresh cream …… 4 tbsp
  • Almond, nd pistachios …. 10-15pcs
  • Kesar…..1/4th tspn (soaked in 1 tbspn warm milk)
  • Silver leaf (optional)


  1. Boil milk wid kesar in a large heavy bottom kadhai,
  2. Cook for 30- 40 min on medium heat till it turns thick. Keep scraping the sides of the kadhai as the milk thickens,
  3. Add sugar nd stir well till d sugar dissolves,
  4. Add cream. Mix well n remove from fire,
  5. Cool n serve chilled decorated wid silver leaf n pistas n kesar…..

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